WhatsApp Authenticator

Authenticator to verify users on Discord server via WhatsApp!
Set up the logs and find out who was verified on the server!
Securely receive verification codes on WhatsApp with end-to-end encryption!
Only one Discord account can be linked to the same number, thus preventing the same user from using multiple accounts to circumvent punishments such as bans or mutes!
Create buttons so users can verify access with just one click!

Configure up to 4 different roles for verification, 1 default and 3 roles individually according to each user's country!

Ban/unban members from verify your server. You can also ban and unban users from your server in just one command!

Run commands discreetly on any server channel!

Activate the ephemeral system in the preferences menu

💰 Premium Features 💰

📝 Change Message

Change the message that is sent on the already verified users channel

📞 WhatsApp

Change the message sent on WhatsApp with the code so that users can confirm it to verify their accounts

Buy your Premium and receive key on email

1,99 BRL

3,99 BRL

5,99 BRL

7,99 BRL

9,99 BRL

Plans: Quarterly, Semiannual and Annual

Form of payment: Credit card and PayPal.
* Payment using PayPal is only available for donations from 9.99 BRL