Before making your donation, please note the following information:

. If you are a underage (according to your country's law), ask your parents or guardians for permission before making the payment. Even if you have reached the age of majority and want to use a third-party credit card to make the purchase, ask permission from the person responsible for the card before making the purchase. We will not be responsible for canceled or blocked purchases and will not be refunded the amounts already debited.

. Severe punishments may result if you use cloned or stolen cards to make the purchase. Keep in mind that such an act is a crime and you are aware of the risks that may occur to you later.

. Any refund of the amounts you want to make, you must make it through the contact form, click here to be redirected.

. You can be banned from using all WhatsApp Authenticator commands if you request a refund with the Stripe and PayPal platform.

. If you are already banned from using WhatsApp Authenticator commands or your WhatsApp number is banned from being used in WhatsApp Authenticator, your donation will not guarantee immunity or you will be unbanned later, so if you are banned we recommend that you do not donate.

. You will receive some privileges within the WhatsApp Authenticator support server (in addition to the benefits for your donation). However, it is not our right to offer 24/7 support with WhatsApp Authenticator questions or issues, support is given as long as you are on the WhatsApp Authenticator support server and according to the availability of each team member.

. All Premium purchases must be made on the website (as you just did), the WhatsApp Authenticator team is not responsible for key purchases that have been made by third parties if you have not received even after payment has been made, the user on which made the sale and you will be banned from using WhatsApp Authenticator and there will be no refund of any monetary value in case of a report.

. If you find it difficult to activate the key, you have not received the key in your email (even after checking the junk mail or spam) do not request a refund, try first to communicate what happened through the contact form, click here to be redirected.

. The platform used to make your donation is Stripe (credit card) and PayPal (credit card, PayPal balance) is a serious platform and all data must be filled in correctly, so avoid abbreviations when putting the full name or typing non-corresponding data.

. The WhatsApp Authenticator developer team is not responsible if you entered the email incorrectly and did not receive the key correctly even after the payment was approved. In these cases, we ask that you contact our team via the contact form by clicking here to resolve this issue.

* For approval, it is necessary to have a credit card enabled for purchases abroad and an available balance

Payments valid only for Brazil